Someone Ate My Passion

February 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

Not like that you pervert. I’m talking about passion in the sense of what you “really love to do”. And let me tell you something you didn’t want to know: I hate this word passion. If you know me please don’t use it near me. I’ll put out a restraining order on you. No use of the word passion within 100 yards. I guess the truth is I am jealous of people who seem to be so incredibly passionate that their passion is oozing out from their passionate pores. They are passionately bursting with passion. Some part of me tells me there is something wrong with these people, perhaps their skulls never fully hardened. Still something else makes me want just a little bit of what they have.

I once met someone and not long after we were driving and they asked me “Nick, what is your passion?” and I said “What?” and they said “Tell me something you are really really passionate about.” I would have rather drove into oncoming traffic then have a sincere talk about “my passion”. This kind of talk seems to be everywhere, haunting me. Assaulting me. I was in a local coffee house line the other day and I overheard some hipster telling his hipster friend “I’m so passionate about my passion for passion.” Ok, maybe that line was embellished a bit, but I bet it’s something that hipster wishes he came up with. Three uses of the word passion in one sentence. His friend probably would have passed out in ecstasy had he heard that sentence uttered.

Have I ever been passionate about anything? I’m not sure. Maybe when I was 12 I may have been passionate about my video games. Or maybe when I was 15 I was passionate about naked women. But even then if you’d asked me if I was passionate about it I would have said “Screw you. Don’t use the P word. Thats a bad word.” Even at that young age I knew what was up. I like a lot of things, but being passionate about anything seems to be a step too far. It seems to me anyone who is really passionate about something becomes really passionate with something else about two weeks later, throwing away their first passion in favor of a new passion which in turn gets thrown away for some other passion. Stop being so damned passionate. I do believe there are people out there that have sincere passion about the things they do so I guess my problem with the word is it’s liberal use. Save that word for something truly special. Not some book or some crappy album you just bought. Don’t use it unless you mean it. I know I won’t.

* 30 passionate uses of the word passion. Hipster approved.


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